What Type of stock Photography Should You Avoid

Stock photographs have made life easier for many content creators. With thousands of stock photographs on the offer, there is no lack of choice. However, using stock photography is not always a good option. Here is a look at the types of stock photography you need to avoid,

Stock photographs of models posing as employees

Having models pose as employees may have a very unreal feel and this is one of the reasons you need to avoid stock photography of this type. Also, you need to ensure that the stock photographs match your image, so if you have smiling models as employees on your official site, it can look odd. Instead you can use actual site photos.

Avoid photographs that seem too abstract

These kinds of photographs can confuse readers.  Also, these photos don’t offer any type of value to the content, as they don’t tell the readers what your content is about. Stock photos that don’t match their context should be avoided.

Some stock photos can come across as clichéd.

These include motivational words printed on a plain or patterned background. You want to essentially let your content do the text explanation part, so you would want to avoid photos with text on them unless these photos are closely related to your content, such as your logo.

Some people are annoyed at the sight of futuristic technology photos

Unless you offer science fiction related content you should avoid such photos. If you are a technology related business it is particularly important that you choose more realistic photos, to give your business a more real field and to come across as credible. Futuristic technology photos typically involve lot of special effects and photoshopped elements over a computer, keyboard, or other equipment. So you had better avoid these photos if you want to let people take your business seriously.

One good rule of thumb is to not use photos that confuse readers

 If the photos seem to tell a story outside the content you present then you need to choose different photos. Many people recommend using your own photos instead of relying on stock photos. That may not be always possible, especially since stock photos offer such diversity at a low price. This is why you need to choose stock photos carefully, and ensure that they are not unrealistic or out of place on your website. With the boom in technology and the thousands of photos being uploaded on various sites, you can easily find stock photos that take the pride of place on your site.

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