Tips to Working from Home as a Stock Photographer

Earning money couldn’t be easier by doing what you already love to do – photography. Taking pictures of your favourite subject can earn you money by submitting images to an online stock photography website. Stock photography is images which are royalty-free and can be used for commercial use. The photographer keeps their ownership of the photos; allowing people to purchase the image for a one-time fee.

 There are many reasons why people need royalty-free photos. Web designers need images to create websites and blogs without having to pay excessive fees for use. Authors use stock photo websites to create book covers and book trailers. Advertisement executives use photos for their commercial advertisements, t-shirts, and business cards.

We want your photos! Submit your photos to Shutterstock and get paid every time one of your photos is downloaded.”
Shutterstock is a website which offers subscriptions for their buyers. After the buyer subscribes to the website they are then able to download 750 images over the course of 30-days. The photographer earns 25 cents for every time one of their images is downloaded. Once the photographer earns $500 then their commission raises to 30 cents a download. Photographers can earn more money by referring other photographers, stock buyers, and submitting photos for sale.

Photographers need to be a member of this website before submitting photos. After registering, the photographer can apply to become a contributor. iStockphoto will then ask for submission of three original samples of art.
iStock pays their contributors a base royalty rate of 20% for each download. There is a way to earn more money by becoming one of their exclusive contributors. Exclusive contributors can earn up to 40% for each download.


Dreamstime accepts applications for photo submissions on quality-based photos. They carefully review each photo after a member has registered and applied to be a contributor. Once the photographer’s photos are uploaded to the server, they are available to the buyers. After the photos reach 10 downloads, the photos fetch a higher price. In a similar way, once the pictures reach 100 downloads, they become a 5th level file, meaning more money.

Photographers receive 30-50% of the fee. If the photographer signs up to become an exclusive contributor then they receive 60% of the fee with an additional bonus of 20 cents for each approved submission.

According to a study by the PDN Magazine, Dreamstime awards the highest royalties in the industry. Dreamstime sends payments to photographers through bank check, PayPal, or Moneybookers. This company requests their contributors to keep their submissions online for at least six months.

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