Tips for buying quality stock photos

If you are looking to design your website or a poster for your new marketing campaign, or anything really, you don’t have to break the bank in trying to acquire images. Buying stock photos online does not have to be an expensive affair. Neither do you have to compromise with quality by going for something that is cheap? Read on to know some tips and tricks about buying quality stock photos online with ease and confidence: Before you decide on a stock photo, ensure that it has not been overly used across the Internet.

Use Google Images to determine how much the image has been used.

To determine this, download the thumbnail of the image and upload it on Click the Search button and click More Sizes. If too many results pop up, understand that it is an overly used image. Use something else in its stead.

Stock photographers often sell their images on multiple websites.

The interesting part is that the price of these images differs for each site. While there is no functional site available for comparing these prices, you can still see who is giving you the best rate by using Google. To do this, copy the description of the image from the website and type it in the Google search field. For more accurate results, use quotation marks. To limit your search to stock photography websites, add the word “stock” to your search term. Under More Search Tools, click Sites with Images. When you hit the Search button, Google will list the results of all websites that sell the image and their prices.

When looking for websites that sell stock photos, look for websites that are CCO (Creative Common Zero) or those that are Public Domain.

While all images on these websites are not only free, you can also use them to edit and use for personal and commercial purposes without having to attribute the author.
Not all stock photo agencies are affordable. So, you might find a number of them across the Internet, you must know which ones are the best and the most affordable to suit your requirements.

Here are a few you can take a look at

  • 99CIub by StockPhotoSecrets,
  • Stock photo
  • Deposit photos
  • Adobe Stock

All of these websites have one common denominator: great photos.
It is not very difficult to find the best stock photos online if you have the right mind for it. And armed with these tips, you can ensure that you get nothing but the best without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

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